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Junior Coaching Program

Junior Coaching Program

We are excited to announce a long awaited program for our junior counterparts.  You’ve likely experienced the value of a helpful coach in the past – maybe it was a football or soccer coach, dance instructor or some other deeply influential person in your life that helped to shift your trajectory.

For 20 years, Getting Results has effectively improved the lives of many business professionals.  In the process of being coached in business, their lives improved overall.  We have constantly heard the echos of our clients when they say, ‘if only I had you when I was in my 20’s’.  This reverberated in my mind.  The program that we’ve created was born as a result of many successful junior clients that I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the years.  These juniors were referred to me through existing clients and then from the referrals of those clients.  The impact of the coaching process I’ve used with these 20 somethings has been tremendous and has far exceeded my expectations. 

My recent book, Find Your Flavor: A recipe for discovering your ideal career is a catalyst for putting an official program into existence.  Starting in 2022, we will be launching this new addition to our services.

The primary goal of the program is to help our junior population to determine their ideal career path. But that’s not all… participants of the program will also learn how to network from scratch (so to speak) which is a skill that is often not taught.  Additionally, I have found that this program has a profound and positive affect on their self-esteem which is often wrecked by the noise of social media and the silent competition of their friends.

Finally, and maybe one of the greatest values of the program will be the fact that they will be part of a selective community that will be supportive and encouraging.  We all can recognize the value of a great community.

Clarity of direction, guidance on growing a helpful network and the support of an inspiring cohort.

It is impossible to imagine that anyone a part of this program wouldn’t be set up for tremendous success.