MC Companies is proud of our Development and Construction record.  Ross McCallister, with over 35 years of construction and management experience, leads the development division.  His philosophy is to build with the future in mind.  His first question in determining what to build is, “What does the customer want?”.  His years of experience have shaped the department to think about value to the resident, value to the community and value to the investor. 

MC Companies utilizes every level of the organization to ensure our developments are focused on success for the long term.  Ross leans on MC’s strong management, design, marketing, operations and finance teams to design a successful project. John Krauss, VP of Construction, has over 35 years in direct field experience, and is an expert in managing the construction process from beginning to end.

This process has produced many success stories and has resulted in award-winning developments.  The Construction and Development division have the skills and experience to analyze markets, evaluate risks, and design to what the customer wants. We are laser focused on what our projects’ goals are, and we aren’t afraid to walk away from a project that doesn’t meet our objectives.  This careful analysis makes our Developments successful through any market cycle.

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